The Blood Stained Banner

Ibesiege derives from my nickname CJ. It was given to me from birth. People that know me intimately call me CJ, as if that is not short enough my beloved hyphened it to Siege; Hence I be Siege. By definition to besiege is the action of infiltrating or overthrowing a kingdom and in brief summary who I am in purpose and life according to Mat 11:12

To solidify my correlation to Mat 11:12 even further I was Born in a town called Elizabeth from my mother who is named Milagros which means miracle in Spanish, Lastly Upon enlisting as a Marine, near the third month after I graduated Highschool, my first deployment was to The country of Jordan, where the Hebrews wandered 40 years after being freed from the Egyptians as slaves.

Since a young age the Lord always spoke to my heart yet in this fallen world if only I was more like John the Baptist, instead my heart hardened at a young age and as a result I have fallen detrimentally short of the glory of God regardless of Him speaking. Wether Chris V, Siege, or Christian, had it not been for the Blood of Christ I would simply not be anything.

My savior transformed me and gave meaning to the life I live. Where as though my heart was hardened being in a world where I could not decipher what was Truth, He shone through the mist of it all. In the storm He spoke and renewed my heart that I would hear. This is the core of all I do. That He would speak and I would follow.

May God bless you always


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