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Prohibited Content

There are some things I have no room for negotiation or compromise. One of those things are child sexualization.

A child can’t go into an alleged gentleman’s club to see what is allegedly referred to as free spirited dancing. There are laws against children viewing such things. It’s age restricted for good reason.

Sexuality is like fire, it can bring life threatening situations. More friends than I would like to count have suffered, and in some cases even fatally due to sexual immorality. Children should be safe guarded from it.

Most children don’t understand what it is taking care of themselves, how much less marital relations or having children. Sexual relations were designed by God to be had within the confines of marriage, this is biblical fact. I have no compromise for exposing children to sexual activity. There is no negotiation, it shouldn’t be done to the slightest degree, not for religious reasons, not for entertainment or leisure, definitely not to teach a lesson.

When it comes to children and sensual behavior there is no tolerance. There is no justification, no benefit. Adults do not steward sensuality properly how much less would children. Granted some children may be exposed or have been exposed but that doesn’t mean we tear down the gate.

As adults it is our duty to safe guard the youth. There is no exception. You can’t justify not safe guarding, and you can’t be double minded and claim it’s logical to portray the threat as the safe guard. It’s like saying I’m going to build a wall to protect my soldiers by shooting at them.

That is my stance on children’s overly sensual content. No exception. I say this humbly as it is my stance on children’s explicit content. From violence to sensuality, unfortunately this is the daily life of some children. In some cases victims could have been you and I, in the early stages of our lives.

What I’m proposing is not that we imprison the youth keeping them in bliss as if these things don’t exist. My proposition is only that we only bear in mind love, in regards that we do our part to keep them safe, until they are mature enough to handle the reality of what sensuality brings.

May God bless you always.


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