Keeping Busy

The package we deliver

Ibesiege is a professional publishing brand. As a professional creator and owner of intellectual property. My publishing brand is separate from my production brand yet both are publishers. In fact before anything My practice is publishing.

Subdivisional Skill Sets

  • Producer of Audio & Cinematography
  • Brand Ambassador/Artist/Actor
  • Audio Engineer/Visual Editor/ Digital Marketer/ Promoter/ Content Creator/ Web Developer/ Graphic Designer and so on.

My first and foremost obligation is to bring glory and honor to God, no matter what I practice my brands are geared for the Gospel of Christ. Some of my paid partners include

As of now I remain an Independent Artist. I’m my number one investor in the flesh, along with those who support my productions and the brands that support me.

I’m blessed to say I profit from my craft. In every manner it yields profits. Firstly from a time stand point I would never regret the time I spend on a producing content. Monetarily I do get paid for what I do, and eternally those who believe from the fruits of faith The LORD has given my ministry partners and I will never perish but live eternally.

It is the most awesome thing to be a creative for the Lord and my thanks goes out to God and those who prayed for my growth. Prepare for releases and the official launching of my brand with my debut album Titled Kingdom, along with several other projects. This will be on all streaming platforms and radio broadcasting stations throughout the United States and International Broadcasting Radio Shows.

I’m eager to bear witness to the world of the Power in my Savior Jesus Christ…

May God bless you always


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